Helsinki South Harbour – Helsinki, Finland

2012 – Competition

The proposal is based on four key principles: bringing the water edge back to the city, creating local landmarks and not a new icon, enhancing the existing character of local areas, and providing spaces for year-round activities. The proposed public spaces are given a specific urban configuration responding to their location along the harbour with a series of buildings supporting their use. This results in the creation of areas of distinct character: The Roof Park, the Promenade, the Market Square and the 'Pontoon' Basin. Each area has a particular relationship with the water edge and a strategy to incorporate year-round activities, with the continuous stepped water edge providing the linking element.

Project Team
Martha Rawlinson
Finnbar O'Dempsey
James Edmunds
Nadine Coetzee
Paolo Zaide


Infrastructure / Transport Consultant

Strategic Urban Advice
Craft Pegg